Ultimate Frisbee 101: A Beginners Guide to Ultimate

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4 Steps To Start An Elevate In Your Community

When we started Elevate in 2016, we had NO idea what we were doing. We had zero business experience, Danie was a full-time teacher, and Ari was a business school […]

Elevate’s Sweet, Sweet FRAPI (our core values)

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Local Disc Organizations in ultimate – Set up for “good” but not great?

I believe I have the secret to: Increasing the popularity of ultimate Increasing access to ultimate beyond the current majority of middle to upper class white people   There may […]

Benched: 3 Tips on How to Handle a Lack of Playtime

Morgan! Catherine! Oscar! Gwen! Anna! Beau! Laura! Sigh. Another point on the sideline. Another point where I’m not contributing. Is coach watching the same game I’m watching? Beau dropped it […]