Junior Program Coaches

Coach Marcus plays for Blackfish Ultimate, the 2nd best Men's team in Vancouver, and was named an alternate on the U24 National team in 2019. He loves to inspire and create fun experiences for the next generation of Ultimate players. His favourite food is lime flavoured Mike n Ikes!

Coach Monica has been playing for 6 years and currently plays for the University of Victoria. She coaches because she wants to see the sport of Ultimate grow so everyone can enjoy it as much as she does! The animal she's most like is a chihuahua because she's small and friendly, but feisty on the frisbee field!

Coach Mika started in our Academy and Leadership program, but we can't take full credit for her on field success: In 2019, she became the youngest player ever to make the U24 National team, which placed 5th at Worlds in Germany. She loves frisbee for the amazing people, culture, Spirit of the Game.

Coach Justin hails from Burnaby North and is a beast in the air. He plays for the top Junior team in the Fraser Valley called Vortex and has only been playing for two years! He loves seeing kids smile after they do an amazing throw or play, and the animal that describes him best is a Sea Horse!

Coach Clayton has been with us since Day 1, starting in our Leadership program. Since then, he has become an All-Star coach that always makes the kids laugh. He loves passing on the skills and values of Ultimate to the next generation, and the animal he can most relate to is a cat!

Coach Laura is, yes you guessed it, Coach Monica's more responsible sister, and also plays for the University of Victoria. She loves coaching kids because they are always positive and ready to try new things... and they make her look tall. Her favourite animal is Scrat from Ice Age. 

Coach Emma has played for 5 years and played for the top Junior club team in Vancouver in 2017. She loves helping kids who aren't as comfortable in a sporting environment find self-confidence and a supportive community. Most of all, she loves corgis.

Coach Mika (#2) has some serious swagger: His favourite throw is the flick fake to dab backhand. He loves showcasing his personality and energy when coaching and, as expected, his animal is a chinchilla because they are always full of energy and eating all the time. 

Coach Jaclynn is one of our toughest coaches (high level rugby) but you'd never know it: She is the most bubbly person you'll ever meet! She loves the dynamic of Ultimate frisbee and the concept of integrity the entire sport is built on. Most of all, she loves Pineapples!