Why Disc Sports?


In Ultimate, one athlete physically cannot do it alone.  Players are not allowed to run with the disc so they must pass to, and rely on, their teammates to score a point. There is no need to worry about ball-hogs in our sport!

Instead, athletes learn the value of trusting their teammates, and learn how to win and lose as a team.


Ultimate and disc golf are self-refereed, which means players have to be honest and call their own fouls.

This is a great way to teach kids how to have integrity in competitive situations, which will help them in sports, school, and life!


Ultimate and disc golf are progressive and strives to create an inclusive and safe space for all its athletes. 

In Elementary and High School, all ultimate teams are played co-ed with either a 4:3 male to female ratio or vice versa.

This teaches kids how to play and compete with everyone!

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