Disc Golf Explained in 1 Sentence

Wait, I thought Elevate was an Ultimate Frisbee company?

We were and still are! But with COVID-19 restrictions, playing Ultimate is quite hard. This is why, for now, we are focusing on running fun and safe Disc Golf Camps in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Langley, and Delta.

This is what Dr. Bonnie Henry recommended for this Summer and we want to stick to her guidelines.

Disc Golf Rules and Benefits

  1. Get the flying disc into the target in as few throws as possible (just like normal golf)


Benefits of Disc Golf:

  • Kids will only touch and use their own discs
  • It's an individual sport so kids will be more than 6 feet away from each other
  • Kids learn life skills such as resiliency, patience, and mindfulness
  • It's a fun and free sport that can be played anywhere in the world

Disc Golf Camps with Elevate Ultimate

We are offering Disc Golf camps for kids aged 8 - 13 this summer. We will be running the camps in Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Langley, and Delta.

We are only accepting 8 kids per camp to ensure safe physical distancing so spots will run out fast! Check out all our Disc Golf locations here. 

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10 Free Frisbee Activities For the Family!

We want to help make your time a little easier with all this COVID-19 Craziness. Check out our list of 10 free workouts, challenges, and fun frisbee activities that the whole family can do!

Remember, if you do something cool, make sure to take a video of it and send it to elevateultimateacademy@gmail.com. We want to see your skills!

Activity #1 - Urban Disc Golf

  1. Just like normal golf, you are trying to hit the target in the LEAST amount of shots
  2. Get creative: Make a shot only upside - down throws, or just forehands, or it has to go around a certain tree first
  3. If you don't have frisbees, you can use soccer balls, tennis balls, any object really 🙂

Check out our Disc Golf Camps this Summer

Activity #2 - Core Workout

  1. Do each exercise for 30 seconds
  2. Do the whole routine 3 times to really feel the burn!

Activity #3 - Disc Flip Challenge

Level 1: Spin the disc on your finger

Level 2: Spin the disc the other way around your finger

Level 3: Add 2 discs and spin them at the same time

Level 4: Hit the disc with your fist and catch it in the same hand

Level 5: Look super cool doing it

Activity #4 - Pendulum Huck Drill

  1. Make an out and under cut. Catch and throw the frisbee back to your partner
  2. Make another out and under cut. Catch and throw the frisbee back to your partner
  3. Run long and receive a long throw

Activity #5 - Frisbee Fit

  1. Write activities on the back of one disc
  2. Write the number of reps on another disc
  3. Spin both to see what you have to do
  4. Do 10 or 15 sets to get a great sweat going

Activity #6 - 2 Disc Challenge

  1. Each partner needs a disc
  2. Both of you throw backhands for 2 minutes straight
  3. Keep a silent count of how many time you both caught it at the same time
  4. Rest, then do two minutes of forehands
  5. You can do this for scoobers, hammers, off-hand throws

Activity #7 - Hand target drill

  1. Designate one of you to be the thrower, the other is the target
  2. The target puts out a hand and also calls out a throw ie. backhand, forehand, scoober
  3. The thrower must react quickly and throw the correct throw to the target

Activity #8 - T-Test Drill

  1. Make a T with 4 cones
  2. Run towards the thrower then side shuffle to one side and receive a pass
  3. Throw the disc back and side shuffle to the far cone and receive a pass
  4. Throw the disc back and side shuffle towards the middle
  5. Back pedal then turn and receive a huck

Activity #9 - Broad Jump Test

  1. Do three broad jumps in a row. Do your best and get as far as you can
  2. Place a cone where your heel landed on your third jump
  3. Rest 1-2 minutes
  4. Do three broad jumps again and try and beat your score
  5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 again
  6. See how far you improve from your 1st to your 3rd jump

Activity #10- Quick snap and throw

  1. Throw the disc to your partner and be ready to call out backhand, forehand, hammer, or scoober
  2. Right before your partner is about to catch, call out the throw
  3. Your partner must catch and throw as fast as possible, while still being accurate
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COVID-19 Safe Activity Idea – 2 Disc Challenge

Key Points

  • Start with one frisbee to get the throw movement down
  • With 2 discs at once, concentrate on the catch and let your muscle memory do the throw!
  • To increase the challenge level, keep track of how many passes you can do in a minute or two
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COVID-19 Safe Activity Idea – Forehand Challenge

Key Points

  • Make sure your grip is tight so that it's spinning off your middle finger
  • Simplify the movement at first. Start with just the wrist snap and then add more arm motion later
  • Pretend you have sand in your hand when you throw. Don't let the sand fall out (keeps the disc flat)
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Help us make a viral video (and other free ways to support Elevate) – A Message from the Founders

We hope your family is safe and well during this stressful and unprecedented time.

We are writing to you with the awareness that everyone is affected negatively by this virus. Whether it be financially, emotionally, or psychologically, we are all hurting. Be we are in this journey together.

We want to know how we can help you make this tough time a little easier.

Do you want more activity ideas for the house?

Do you want videos of high level Ultimate games for your kids to watch?

Please please please email us at elevateultimateacademy@gmail.com and let us know how we can serve you!

On a personal note from the owners of Elevate, Ari and Danie, we actualize our purpose and make a living by bringing joy to kids through Ultimate Frisbee. As you can imagine, camp and school cancellations have hurt us immensely.

We realize not everyone is in a position to help Elevate through this tough time financially, so we have created a list of seven ways (mostly non-financial) you can help make a difference during this time.

7 ways you can support Elevate

  1. Send us a nice email at elevateultimateacademy@gmail.com about how Elevate has affected your child's life
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  3. Recommend Elevate on Facebook and leave us a review / testimonial
  4. Keep us in mind for Summer Camp! Put a reminder in your phone to look at Elevate camps when this craziness blows over
  5. Be part of our Viral Video! Send us a clip of you catching a frisbee from the left, and then throwing it out of the frame to the right. If you want to do something creative, do it while you have the frisbee! See example to the right. We want to make a HUGE chain.
  6. Order a frisbee or send one to a friend. We're doing this by donation (discs cost us $6...). Send an email to elevateultimateacademy@gmail.com with how many discs you want, and which address to deliver them to.
  7. Hire us to do a private lesson for your family. Coaches will not touch the disc at all, so it will just be your family playing (and us helping set up games and fun challenges from 2 metres away).
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COVID – 19 Safe Activity Idea – Urban Disc Golf

Here's a COVID-19 safe activity for the whole family

You may have heard of disc golf before, but did you know you can play anywhere, anytime?

Forget the real chain baskets, just play Urban Disc Golf!

Check out our video tutorial below to see how to play.

Does your family need frisbees to play with? We're doing disc drop offs straight to your door (frisbees still in plastic) by donation (discs cost us $6...). Send us an email at elevateultimateacademy@gmail.com with how many discs you want, and your address 🙂

Happy throwing.

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3 Secrets other sports programs aren’t talking about

Secret #1: Most coaches have no idea what SEL is or how to integrate it in their program

Social and Emotional Learning is the core of the new BC School Curriculum and should be an important part of all youth sports programs (BC GOV). It's aim is to help everyone, but in this case, our kids, develop the ability "to resolve conflicts...to show empathy for others, and to make responsible decisions" (Schonert-Reichl, 2017).

In a time where the majority of sports are increasingly competitive, these true life skills give way to an emphasis on winning, dribbling, shooting, scoring, etc.

Let's be clear that nothing is wrong with teaching the skills of the sport. Kids gain confidence when they find success so of course need to practice dribbling and shooting.

But don't we enroll our kids in sports for a higher purpose than them finding on-field / ice / court success? Don't we want them to learn values and skills that will outlast their time playing the sport itself?

It's time organizations and coaches give a fresh look at their curriculum and how they'll specifically integrate situations where their athletes can learn how to resolve conflicts, show empathy, think critically, and more.

Secret #2: Your kids don't need to specialize in their sport

It's an easy mistake to make with the whole "10,000 hours" paradigm we live in. Plus, coaches and programs want to lock your child (Or as they might say, "the next Olympic star") into their sport for obvious reasons ($$$) with the rationale that kids need to focus on building up the specific skills of the sport. So why isn't this the case?

The first reason is that the chance of injury skyrockets. According to Reuters, in a study with a total of about 5,600 athletes age 18 or younger, "youth who specialized the most were 81 percent more likely to experience an overuse injury" (Rapaport, 2018).

The second reason is that the top athletes in the world were multi-sport athletes as a child. The main reason is that kids are able to develop complementary skills for their eventual primary sport while avoiding the burnout of doing just one sport. A great example is how Wisconsin College's Basketball Team (NCAA Division 1) uses Ultimate Frisbee as a cross-sport in their off-season to develop cardio and refine hand-eye coordination.

Secret #3: Scrimmages aren't the only way to simulate game play

Have you ever watched your child's sport practice? Does everyone touch the ball / puck / object equally in the scrimmage that coaches normally run at the end of practice? If not, why is that? Aren't scrimmages a time when everyone can apply what they learned in the earlier drills?

If you answered yes, you are correct. But frankly, most coaches and sport programs aren't creative enough to think of a way to simulate game play while also involving multiple objects, making sure everyone is getting a fair chance to apply their skills in a game-like scenario.

One of our most popular games is called Monkey, which is essentially Ultimate Frisbee + Capture the Flag. Depending on the number of players (we've played with 100 people before), there are anywhere from 2 - 20 frisbees at a time. This allows for mini-games to develop and maximizes the touches for all players. Best of all, they are using the exact same skills they would be using in a real Ultimate scrimmage (passing and moving, pivoting, going towards an endzone).

Secret #4: (Bonus)

Did you know 122 Elementary Schools in Greater Vancouver are already playing Ultimate Frisbee?

It's no surprise to us. It's a co-ed sport that is self - refereed, so it teaches kids SEL skills such as conflict resolution and personal accountability.

Elevate Ultimate taught Ultimate Frisbee to over 5,000 athletes in 2019 and wants to double that in 2020!

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Check Out These 4 Ridiculous Ultimate Frisbee Plays 😮 #3 is slightly biased…

1. Yina Paola Cartagena makes #7 on Sportscentre

3. The kids are alright (we're a bit biased)

2. Rowan McDonnell gets those feet inbounds just in time

4. Sadie Jezierski gets a HUGE block (note the Spirit)

Your kids could be making those plays one day...

  • Frisbee is great for covering the basics: Tons of running, jumping, and hand-eye coordination skills
  • It's co-ed all the way through Elementary and High School. We love this because kids learn how to play and compete with everyone
  • It's self-refereed even at the World Championships. We love this because kids learn how to resolve conflicts effectively with their opponents
  • It's Greater Vancouver's fastest growing sport with 122 Elementary Schools playing!

We have classes year round so make sure to check out our programs!


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How Well do you ACTUALLY Know the Hottest Buzzword in Youth Sports / Education? (Take the 2 minute Quiz)


Did you know…?

In BC alone, there are 131 Elementary schools playing and 182 Secondary schools playing. What’s impressive about these numbers is that 75% of these Elementary teams were created in the last 5 years. This is a clear indication that there is a huge demand for an alternative sport like Ultimate Frisbee. We believe this is because:

A) Kids love how inclusive and fun the sport is
B) Parents love that the sport is co-ed and self-refereed, meaning that their kids learn how to play with everyone, resolve conflicts and communicate effectively

Maybe you’ve heard of Ultimate Frisbee before, or maybe you’ve even played! Maybe your kids have even played at school, or maybe they don’t even know what a disc is. Either way, we GUARANTEE your kids confidence and skills are going to soar (like a frisbee *cue groan*) at Elevate Ultimate.

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