Why Should Teen Girls Play Sports?

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Many parents struggle to find the right balance between allowing their children the space and freedom to grow, while also providing the support they need. This is especially tasking for parents of teen girls. There are no shortage of everyday distractions and events teen girls focus on. There are tremendous advantages of sports working into every teen girl’s daily routine.  Here are some of the many benefits of sports for teen girls.

Teamwork and Socialization Skills 

Playing sports helps teenagers build strong teamwork and socialization skills. This can be especially beneficial for teenage girls, who may not always feel comfortable in group settings or asserting themselves in conversations. Playing team sports helps girls learn how to communicate effectively with others, as well as develop important social skills like empathy and respect for authority figures (coaches, officials, etc). Additionally, playing on a team encourages teens to look out for one another and work together to achieve common goals. There is no substitute for a group of girls overcoming adversity together to collectively win.

Confidence and Self-Esteem 

Sports provides an ideal environment for teenage girls to become more confident in their physical abilities. When they see how far they’ve come—from mastering a new skill or improving their performance—they’ll start trusting their own capabilities more than ever before. Participation in physical activities also helps boost self-esteem since it allows teens to feel proud of their accomplishments and fosters a sense of accomplishment when they reach milestones or set personal bests. It’s one thing saying someone can achieve something, and it’s another to do it. The confidence achieved from going through the process and getting the desired result is incredible.

Healthy Habits 

Sports are a great way for teenage girls to stay active while also having fun! Participating in physical activity is important at any age, but particularly during adolescence when teenagers are still developing healthy habits that will stick with them throughout adulthood. Additionally, staying physically active can help reduce stress levels among teens by releasing endorphins (the “feel-good hormones”) into the body—which help boost mood and improve overall wellbeing.

Playing team sports has so many benefits for teenage girls—from improved confidence and self-esteem, better communication skills, increased physical activity, and greater teamwork abilities—that it should be always encouraged! If you have a teen daughter who is interested in playing sports or trying something new, talk with her about different options available in your area! Encourage her to participate – regardless of if it’s a team or individual sport. Cheering her participation will help her gain valuable life lessons that will benefit her both now and into adulthood.