10 Free Frisbee Activities For the Family!

We want to help make your time a little easier with all this COVID-19 Craziness. Check out our list of 10 free workouts, challenges, and fun frisbee activities that the whole family can do!
Remember, if you do something cool, make sure to take a video of it and send it to elevateultimateacademy@gmail.com. We want to see your skills!


Activity #1 – Urban Disc Golf

  1. Just like normal golf, you are trying to hit the target in the LEAST amount of shots
  2. Get creative: Make a shot only upside – down throws, or just forehands, or it has to go around a certain tree first
  3. If you don’t have frisbees, you can use soccer balls, tennis balls, any object really 🙂


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Activity #2 – Core Workout

  1. Do each exercise for 30 seconds
  2. Do the whole routine 3 times to really feel the burn!




Activity #3 – Disc Flip Challenge

Level 1: Spin the disc on your finger
Level 2: Spin the disc the other way around your finger
Level 3: Add 2 discs and spin them at the same time
Level 4: Hit the disc with your fist and catch it in the same hand
Level 5: Look super cool doing it




Activity #4 – Pendulum Huck Drill

  1. Make an out and under cut. Catch and throw the frisbee back to your partner
  2. Make another out and under cut. Catch and throw the frisbee back to your partner
  3. Run long and receive a long throw




Activity #5 – Frisbee Fit

  1. Write activities on the back of one disc
  2. Write the number of reps on another disc
  3. Spin both to see what you have to do
  4. Do 10 or 15 sets to get a great sweat going




Activity #6 – 2 Disc Challenge

  1. Each partner needs a disc
  2. Both of you throw backhands for 2 minutes straight
  3. Keep a silent count of how many time you both caught it at the same time
  4. Rest, then do two minutes of forehands
  5. You can do this for scoobers, hammers, off-hand throws




Activity #7 – Hand target drill

  1. Designate one of you to be the thrower, the other is the target
  2. The target puts out a hand and also calls out a throw ie. backhand, forehand, scoober
  3. The thrower must react quickly and throw the correct throw to the target




Activity #8 – T-Test Drill

  1. Make a T with 4 cones
  2. Run towards the thrower then side shuffle to one side and receive a pass
  3. Throw the disc back and side shuffle to the far cone and receive a pass
  4. Throw the disc back and side shuffle towards the middle
  5. Back pedal then turn and receive a huck




Activity #9 – Broad Jump Test

  1. Do three broad jumps in a row. Do your best and get as far as you can
  2. Place a cone where your heel landed on your third jump
  3. Rest 1-2 minutes
  4. Do three broad jumps again and try and beat your score
  5. Repeat steps 2 – 4 again
  6. See how far you improve from your 1st to your 3rd jump




Activity #10- Quick snap and throw

  1. Throw the disc to your partner and be ready to call out backhand, forehand, hammer, or scoober
  2. Right before your partner is about to catch, call out the throw
  3. Your partner must catch and throw as fast as possible, while still being accurate