10 Free Frisbee Activities For the Family!

Things are a bit weird this year, and we wanted to help make your life a little easier by creating these 10 free Ulti activities that the whole family can enjoy! 

You don’t need anything fancy- just a frisbee, a park, and some friendly competition.  

💡 Don’t have a frisbee at home? No problem! Modify these activities using a soccer ball, tennis ball, or any old object like the lid of a plastic yogurt container. 

Get creative! 

Most importantly, get outside and be active while having a blast at it- that’s what Elevate’s Ulti Community’s all about.

Here are your 10 free Ulti activities!

Activity #1 – Urban Disc Golf

Equipment: Frisbee, soccer ball, anything throw-able. 

Location: You don’t need an actual frisbee golf park to do this activity. Hit up a local field or park and choose any target in sight (our favourites are trees, fences, and park benches). 

Partner(s): Not needed but get an opponent to get competitive!

How to Play: The rules are simple; pick a target, and just like regular golf, the goal is to hit that target in the LEAST number of shots. Keep track of your score as you move targets, or start a new game each round. The player with the lowest score wins!

💡 Pro Tip: get creative, challenge your opponent to make a shot while throwing the disk upside down, using only their forearms to throw, or getting around a particular tree first.


💪  Activity #2 – Core Workout

Equipment: 1- 2 frisbees, or anything to pass-able.

Location: Anywhere indoors or outdoors where you have room to lay flat.

Partner(s): A partner is ideal for this challenge.

How to Play: The goal is to set up your own mini core workout challenge. 

Start by doing a sit up across from your partner, making sure your toes are touching. Pass your partner the frisbee at the top, and repeat as many times as you can. 

Next, try sitting with your knees bent and legs off the floor while keeping your core engaged. Start passing the frisbee back and forth between partners while holding this position. 

Take things to the next level by holding a plank pose and passing the frisbee to your partner with one hand.

Try each exercise for 30 seconds and come up with your own exercises too (i.e. standing on one foot and passing the frisbee etc.).

💡 Pro Tip: Get weird with it! Try weaving the frisbee between your legs in a figure 8 before passing it.


🥏  Activity #3 – Disc Flip Challenge

Location: Anywhere indoors or outdoors away from breakable things. 

Equipment: 1-2 frisbees

Partner(s): A partner is Ideal but not necessary.

How to Play: This is one of our favourite challenges. The goal is to test and practise your disc spinning skills.

Level 1: Spin the frisbee on one finger without dropping it, and see who can hold it the longest.

Level 2: Spin the frisbee in the opposite direction and see who can hold it the longest. 

Level 3: Grab two frisbees and spin them at the same time.

Level 4: Hit the frisbee with your fist and catch it in the same hand.

Level 5: Do something crazy while spinning or flipping the frisbee.

💡 Pro Tip: If you’re playing with more than two people, try playing elimination style (where the person who loses taps out and someone new tags in). See if one family member can get you all beat!


🏃 Activity #4 – Pendulum Huck Drill

Location: A park or a field with lots of space to run. 

Equipment: 1 frisbee

Partner(s): You’ll need a partner for this activity. 

How to Play: Don’t worry; this one sounds more complicated than it is! The goal is to run and catch the frisbee along a pendulum line.

Have your partner stand across from you, leaving a good amount of distance between you. Throw the frisbee to your partner and have them catch it, and throw it back to you. 

Next, have the catcher run along the pendulum line and throw and catch on the other side, 

Once both partners have thrown and caught twice, huck the frisbee as far as you can and have your partner run to catch it. 

Repeat by switching who goes first (so that each person has a chance to huck and chase the frisbee).

💡 Pro Tip: if throwing a frisbee is new to you, start with a short distance between you and your partner and lengthen it as your skills improve.



🙌  Activity #5 – Frisbee Fit

Location: Anywhere indoors or outdoors with room to move.

Equipment: 2 frisbees, a marker.

Partner (s): You can play solo but it’s a lot more fun to challenge a partner. 

How to Play: The goal is to spin the disc and challenge your opponent. 

On the back of one frisbee (the side shaped like a bowl), write down six activities as if you were writing them on the hands of a clock (have fun coming up with these activities as a group). Some of our favourites to use are jumping jacks, burpees, and push-ups but, you can get as crazy as you want, for example, spinning, frog jumps, strutting like a chicken-you name it.

On the second frisbee, write down six numbers (again on the hands of a clock); this will be the number of reps required. We like to write the numbers in increments of 5 so that the final number of reps is 30.

Spin both frisbees to see how many reps of each given activity you’ll do.

💡 Pro Tip: if you’re playing with more than two people, challenge each other to see who can get the number of reps of any given activity done the fastest.


🕑 Activity #6 – 2 Disc Challenge

Location: Field or park with room to throw and run.

Equipment: 2 frisbees. 

Partner(s): This activity requires a partner.

How to Play: The goal of this game is to throw your discs back and forth to each other without dropping either disc.

Set a timer anywhere from 2 to 5 minutes. Start to throw the discs back and forth and try to get in a rhythm. 

Each person should keep a silent count of how many times they caught their discs. Alternate between backhand and forehand throws.

💡 Pro Tip: If your number of catches differs, come up with an exercise challenge for the person who made fewer catches overall.



🎯 Activity #7 – Hand target drill

Location: A field or park with lots of room to throw.

Equipment: 1 frisbee

Partner (s): A partner is ideal but trees or  benches can be used as alternate targets. 

How to Play: For this activity, you’ll need one frisbee between two people. The goal is to get the disc to the target as accurately as possible.

Designate one person to be the thrower and one person to be the target. 

Start by standing across from your partner at whatever distance you choose. The catcher holds their arm out as a target and yells out a type of throw. The thrower must react quickly and throw the correct throw to the target (aka the thrower’s hand). 

💡 Pro Tip: If you’ve never played Ulti and have no idea what a scoober, backhand, or forehand throw is- No worries! Make up your own throws and crazy names ahead of time and use those instead!



🏃 Activity #8 – T-Test Drill

Location: A field or park with lots of space to lay out cones. 

Equipment: 1 frisbee, 4 cones (or 4 objects that you can use as place markers). 

Partner (s) : You’ll need at least one partner for this drill. 

How to Play: The goal is to take turns running and catching the disc along a T.

Place your cones at the top of your T approx.  5 yards apart. Place the cone in the middle of your T approx. 10 yards apart from the cone at the bottom. 

Choose a thrower and a catcher. The thrower stands at the top of the T, and the catcher stands at the bottom.

The catcher runs up the T and quickly shuffles to the cone at the far right to receive the pass and throws it back. 

Next, the catcher shuffles to the far left cone and receives a pass and throws it back. 

Finally, the catcher shuffles back to the middle cone, then quickly pivots and runs back to the bottom of the T, and turns to receive a final pass. The thrower and catcher then switch positions.

💡  Pro Tip: On your shuffles, stay low and really push off that outside foot. On your way back to the bottom of the T, please make sure you use a crossover step, so you don’t do a 180 turn and risk injuring yourself.



🦘 Activity #9 – Broad Jump Test

Location: A field with lots of space.

Equipment: 3 cones, or 3 objects to use as place markers. 

Partner (s): This can be done solo.

How to Play: The goal is to do three broad jumps in a row and see how far you can jump. FYI, a broad jump is just a fancy name for a big long jump. 

Start by doing three broad jumps in a row and place a cone where you land. Take a two-minute rest and try three more broad jumps seeing if you can beat your fist cone. Place a cone where you land on the second round to compare. Try a 3rd round and see if you can beat your second cone. Take turns with your family members and see who can jump the furthest.

💡  Pro Tip. Bend your knees and really swing your arms forward and down as you jump-you want to land in a motorcycle pose.



🥏 Activity #10- Quick snap and throw

Location: A field or park with lots of space to throw. 

Equipement: 1 frisbee

Partner (s): You’ll need a partner for this drill.

How to Play: The goal is to catch and throw as quickly as possible while still being accurate. 

Choose a thrower and a catcher and stand at whatever distance apart you chose. 

The thrower throws the disc to the catcher and calls out the next type of throw. The catcher throws back with whatever’s called out while calling out a new throw at the same time. Continue this back and forward with your partner until someone drops the disc or throws the wrong call.

💡 Pro Tip: Focus on accuracy versus speed at first, adding speed in as you get into a flow. Level up this challenge by increasing the distance between you and your partner every few minutes.



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