School Programs

We offer a variety of school programs including In-School PE Takeovers, and After-School Programs. 

Our In-School PE Takeovers are typically one-week long to ensure three Ultimate sessions per class. Students learns the FUNdamentals of Ultimate including the backhand, forehand, how to catch, the rules, and Spirit of the Game. Our games are designed so that athletes are constantly touching the disc and engaged. We put a heavy focus on the values of Ultimate including honesty, teamwork, and sportspersonship. 

Our After-School programs are typically 5-7 weeks long. Students will dive deeper into the FUNdamentals and learn the basics of cutting, and more advanced throws such as the scoober and hammer. 

We have conducted hundreds of these School Programs across the Lower Mainland, and your school could be next! Help bring us to your school, either by sending your school's PAC or Principal our PDF one pagers, or by reaching out to us. 

We look forward to working at your school. 

elementary elevate players raise their hands

Testimonial from Principal of KGMS

The coaches at Elevate Academy, Ari and Danie, were engaging and professional. They adapted their program appropriately to the various age groups and made great connections with the students.

The sessions were accessible to all of the students in our diverse population. Ari and Danie made sure that every student was included, and easily adapted their activities to students of different abilities. Throughout the sessions, the field was filled with our students running hard, having fun, challenging themselves, and cheering on their peers.

The program itself goes beyond teaching athletic skill. Ultimate Frisbee builds confidence and personal accountability in athletes, and stresses worldly values such as community, sportsmanship, and open-mindedness.