The Art of Coaching Youth Ultimate


*Over 100 copies sold in 8 different countries*

Are you a good ultimate player but unsure of the best way to teach those skills to youth?

Are you a good teacher but unsure of how to teach the ultimate skills?

Do you love the Sport and Spirit of ultimate and want to spread it to as many young athletes as possible?

Then this book is for you!

What’s included in the book:

  • The secret to getting hundreds of kids into your programs
  • Amazing behaviour management strategies
  • Our magic formula for creating engaging practice plans
  • How to incorporate teaching rules, SOTG, and Gender Equity in practice
  • 20 of our kids’ favourite games, drills, and spirit games (Includes free access to Flik Ultimate video tutorials of these games)

Danie and Ari bring a wealth of wisdom, thoughtfulness, passion, and kindness to the Elevate Ultimate program. Those same intentions are apparent throughout this book and they have created an incredible resource for new and experienced ultimate coaches alike.  It should be required reading for all coaches.” – Jude LaRene, Executive Director of DiscNW

*Please note this is a downloadable PDF version. Hard copy to come hopefully by November*


Hi there! We’re Danie and Ari, the owners of Elevate Ultimate in Vancouver, Canada. We focus on teaching life skills and values, such as conflict resolution and personal accountability, to kids aged 6 – 18 through the sport of ultimate. 

Ari has represented U24 Team Canada twice and is now on his 5th season with Vancouver’s Furious George. 

Danie is the assistant coach for U20 Team Canada Women and an athlete on Mixed Masters Team Canada. She is also a physical education teacher. 

We have coached over 10,000 kids the past four years, from In-School PE programs to high-level High School Academy Training, and we’ve learned a couple of tricks along the way. We share all our tricks, games, and more in our book. Buy it today!
A special thanks to Flik Ultimate for all their support in hosting our video tutorials, and spreading the word about this project!
1. The Job You Didn’t Know You Had
2. Your Why
3. Coaching Philosophy
4. Your Audience
5. The Kids
6. Behaviour Management
7. Skill Acquisition
8. Season Planning
9. Practice Planning
10. How to Make Your Practice Engaging
11. Indoor Practice Adaptations
12. Team Culture
13. Goal Setting
14. How To Explain A Drill
15. Effective Feedback
16. Warm-Ups
17. Backhand
18. Forehand
19. Faking
20. Hucking
21. Catching
22. Individual Cutting
23. Other Styles Of Throws
24. Mindset
25. Offensive Cutting Systems
26. Handler Resets
27. Endzone
28. Offensive Plays
29. Defensive Systems
30. The Rules and How To Teach Them
31. Spirit of the Game
32. Gender Equity
Game, Drills, and Spirit Games


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