Leadership In Training (LIT) Program

$200.00 Per Child

Leadership In Training (LIT) Program

Our LIT program is designed for high school students wanting to enhance and enrich their high school years while also preparing them to be future leaders, coaches, and change-makers in Ultimate. They will be working online over zoom meetings (for the time being) learning leadership skills, how to run drills, and eventually running their own practices. All LITs will have opportunities to step out of their comfort zone and learn strategies of how to embrace challenges that they will face in the future.

All LITs will get the opportunity to work closely with our amazing coaches (most of which are past LITs) while also gaining volunteer hours that can be used for school.

This program will be split into two groups, a junior group (Grades 8 & 9) and a senior group (Grades 10+). The senior and junior group will be working closely together.

In the Junior, group expect to:

  • Build meaningful relationships with other LITs

  • Learn the basics of coaching and what makes a practice safe, fun, effective etc.

  • Learn how to set goals and review

  • Be given the opportunity to coach elementary students


In the Senior, group expect to:

  • Learn some more advanced coaching techniques

  • Learn how to plan and run an entire practice

  • Assist juniors with their leadership

  • Group project: Run a tournament, teach a skill to other LITs, create a team-bonding opportunity etc.

  • Attend an overnight retreat (TBD based on where we are with COVID-19 in BC)


We couldn’t be more excited for this next group of LITs! This summer, 80% of our summer camp coaches were once LITs and now this program is being co-led by two graduated LITs, Sahab & Emma. 



  • We need a minimum of 12 athletes to run the program. Should the minimum not be met, registrees will be fully refunded
  • All refunds incur a $25 processing fee, unless Elevate Ultimate initiates the cancellation


  • *Please note* - We have switched our checkout system to a "one child - one product" basis. If you are registering multiple children, please add one product for each child to your cart.
  • Price: $ 30.00 CAD
    Great for catching and throwing in the rain and wind.
  • Price: $ 30.00 CAD
    Your choice of snapback or bucket hat.
  • This 8-week asynchronous virtual program will provide age-appropriate structured movement, connection, leadership development, and whole athlete education. The program pricing is based on a sliding scale. Please choose a price option that fits your budget. Click here for more information!
  • $ 0.00 CAD


Meeting Dates: (exact times TBD)

November 8th: First meeting! (How to explain a drill / three cues)

November 22nd: Second meeting (How to give feedback)

December 6th: Last meeting before winter break. (How to make things fun / make people feel included)

December 20th: LITmas party TBD (depending on weather and pandemic)


January 10th: TBD

January 24th: TBD

February 7th: TBD

February 21st: TBD



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