Check Out These 4 Ridiculous Ultimate Frisbee Plays 😮 #3 is slightly biased…

1. Yina Paola Cartagena makes #7 on Sportscentre

3. The kids are alright (we're a bit biased)

2. Rowan McDonnell gets those feet inbounds just in time

4. Sadie Jezierski gets a HUGE block (note the Spirit)

Your kids could be making those plays one day...

  • Frisbee is great for covering the basics: Tons of running, jumping, and hand-eye coordination skills
  • It's co-ed all the way through Elementary and High School. We love this because kids learn how to play and compete with everyone
  • It's self-refereed even at the World Championships. We love this because kids learn how to resolve conflicts effectively with their opponents
  • It's Greater Vancouver's fastest growing sport with 122 Elementary Schools playing!

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