Purposeful Practice: Cutting

Purposeful Cutting

Drill suggestion: The Cutting Tree + Visualization (Requires zero friends)

This drill is from the mind of Mike Caldwell, a long-time member of Seattle Sockeye. The image is pretty self explanatory so I won’t bother going too deeply into that. Just follow the pattern. What is important however is making it Purposeful with visualization exercises. The following visualizations are simplified explanations of Caldwell’s suggestions. You can see his full article here.

  1. The first step in making this cutting pattern purposeful is keeping your head up. When you cut under, visualize the thrower with the disc and see the disc flying into your hands. When you cut out, look over your shoulder to see the imaginary huck, and see if you can keep running at full speed while doing so.

  2. Start to visualize more teammates and their specific actions. Before you cut under, wait for your thrower to do a pump-fake, and then visualize your fellow cutters clearing space for you as you go under.

  3. “Start thinking about more specific situations. Look over your shoulder as you’re “cutting deep” and imagine the disc being dumped toward the middle of the field, setting up a swing pass. That’s your cue to make an in-cut to that side, and by threatening the deep lane with such conviction you’ve set up your defender perfectly” (Caldwell, 2014).

The most important parts of this visualization come before you change direction. What imaginary event did you react to? What did you “see” – specifically – that let you know you weren’t going to be thrown to, that your cut was early or late, that if you delayed one more second your timing would be perfect? These are the cues that will help you see situations quickly and drive your in-game decision making. Learn what cues you’re looking for, what they mean for you and practice recognizing and responding to them (Caldwell, 2014).

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