There is Power in a Name

The Journey So Far…

It’s been a fun, successful, Ultimate-filled year.  In the short time that UltiPros Ultimate Academy has existed, we have:

  • Trained 17 enthusiastic Leaders in Training (LIT) and fed them countless slices of pizza. Traveled with them to Victoria to conduct an outreach clinic and more importantly, eat more pizza, play charades, and bond
  • Coached 42 High School athletes and 15 Elementary athletes in our inaugural Winter Academy
  • Engaged over 50 coaches across the Lower Mainland at the Vancouver Coaching Conference
  • Provided Private Lessons and Birthday Parties – services that never even crossed our minds when we started the business
  • Smiled and laughed with over 2,500 athletes through a combined 150 hours of coaching at our Academy, free outreach clinics at schools, and tournaments such as Sabrefest, Surrey Jamboree, and BC Provincials

But it’s time for a change:  not in our methods, values or mission, nor in our obsession with feedback, reflections, or adaptions of drills.  Only in our name.  But there is power in a name, and the following are the reasons behind the change.




“This academy will ELEVATE your game.”

  1.  To raise or lift (something) up to a higher position:
  2. To increase the amount or intensity of.
  3. To promote to a higher rank.
  4. To raise to a higher moral, cultural, or intellectual level: elevate the tone of the debate.
  5. To lift the spirits of; elate.


Why the Name Change?!

Elevate Ultimate Academy.  When the sound of it left our mouths and hit our eardrums, it just felt and sounded right, and while the following reasons are legitimate reasons why we changed our name, intuition may be the biggest one.  It’s carried us this far and we aren’t about to start ignoring it!

While they may not know it, until now of course, this name change is very much inspired by our Academy athletes and LITs. Through their own hard work (and a bit of our support), we’ve seen firsthand major changes in their attitude, confidence, and desire to improve in all aspects of their life.  Their willingness and hunger to Elevate themselves inspires us everyday to do the same.  We wanted to change our name to reflect that.

Elevate Athletes discussing gender equity and privilege

From the beginning, we wanted our Ultimate Academy, regardless of its name, to teach athletes more than just physical Ultimate skills.  It’s the reason why we set mental focuses at the start of our training sessions and why in place of a training session, we had our athletes discuss with each other what gender equity and privilege means and looks like to them.   We provide our athletes the opportunity to Elevate their lives physically, mentally, and spiritually through Ultimate and we wanted to change our name to reflect that.

Lastly, while we focus on Ultimate Frisbee right now, we have big dreams for the company.  If we want to become a leader in the youth sports arena and truly be experts on building the “Whole Athlete,” then many categories fall underneath this umbrella such as nutrition, apparel, and psychology.  It may not be long until you see Elevate Protein Power in GNC and Elevate cleats at Sportchek.  Who knows, we dream big.   Regardless, we wanted to change our name to reflect potential future opportunities.



The long and short of this name change is that:

A) It sounds and feels good

B)  It represents the direction of the business moving forward more accurately than UltiPros

What’s most important for you to know is that we are here to stay.  Elevate Academy will be running Training Academies in Surrey, Burnaby, and Vancouver starting in September and are committed to always working on our craft as coaches and business people.  Please explore our newly designed website, follow us on social media for photos and drill ideas, and as always:


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